Recent Artwork:
test video for Dissected Smoke 030 Installation
Surrender Machine 2024 #007
Dissected Smoke 030
test video for Dissected Smoke Installation
Burlington Vermont Airport, Art Installation Proposal
Digital images of Vermont evoke a sense of freedom while being grounded by nature. Although the artwork is highly innovative, the interaction is natural; as viewers walk past it, the images change and respond to viewer movement visitors and co-create NFTs of their interactions. Proposal PDF
I started with smoke as a visual device to move the viewer’s eye through the artwork; smoke became something else, a Visual metaphor for that which cannot be dissected.
Digital Sculptures
Using artificial intelligence (AI) to create synthetic concepts to be explored for physical prototyping.
Surrender Machines
Embodying the ideas of surrender and acceptance into the mechanism of a machine.
Using code to ceate abstract paintings